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5 Things to do in Limassol in September

September always feels like a breath of fresh air, bringing with it a sweet respite from the hot months of summer, and a promise of cozy autumn evenings to come. As children make their way back to school, and holidaymakers return home, there is still plenty to do in and around Limassol before the cold weather hits!

  1. Catch the Wine Festival

The Limassol Wine Festival takes place in the Limassol Municipal Garden every year during the first 10 days of September, and offers a delightful celebration of winemaking and local culture. Visitors can freely sample a wide variety of local wines from their souvenir wine cup, and also partake in delicious local delicacies from the many vendor stands, as well as enjoy performances of dancing, song, and theater. Don’t miss the big ‘vrakas,’ a giant statue of a Cypriot village wine-grower in his traditional local costume just in the entrance of the Festival, overseeing the revelry.

  1. Squeeze out the last few drops of summer

In September and beyond, the beach-goers start to wane, making it the perfect time to hit the surf! Avoid the throngs of people crowding the beach in the summer months, and instead, find a quiet spot on one of the city’s many Blue Flag beaches and enjoy a dip in the still-warm water.

  1. Take in the sights

There’s more to Limassol than sun and surf, and this is apparent by the many historical sights and monuments peppered all across the city. Discover more about Limassol’s historic past, and visit the Limassol Castle to witness a time capsule of history’s greatest empires, interwoven into the vibrant tapestry of the island’s history. Also on your must-see historical monuments list is the Kourion Amphitheater, an exhibit of Cypriot antiquity featuring intricate mosaics and statues. You can also travel a little further and make your way to Kolossi Castle, a stronghold dating back to the Middle Ages located in the village of Kolossi and still bearing the coat of arms of its former owners.

  1. Shop till you drop

September is when shops start bringing in their new autumn pieces, so if you want to snag next season’s hottest purse or pair of shoes, now’s the time to do it! Limassol has a wealth of options for shopaholics, from high street shops all down the popular Anexartisias Street, to high-end boutiques featuring big-name, luxury brands. Shoppers will truly find themselves spoilt for choice.

  1. Take a stroll

As the sizzling temperatures of summer start to drop, now is the best time to put on your walking shoes and see Limassol from a whole new perspective. So take a stroll down the palm tree-lined ‘Molos’ Promenade, through the winding streets of the Limassol old town, stopping into a cozy café or two for drink, or even through some of Limassol’s picturesque little villages located in the southern foothills of Troodos and enjoy an idyllic landscape of orchards, vineyards and cobblestone streets.

Limassol is truly a town for all seasons! So instead of mourning the loss of summer, take advantage of the dip in temperatures and embrace all that our city has to offer this month!

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