Our team is committed to providing excellent service,  assistance and guidance wherever they can. Our human resource is the backbone of our company. D. Zavos Group has consistently invested in its human capital, their attention to detail and hard work being translated onto every single development project we complete. Our team is composed of experts in every single field we are involved in, contributing a diverse set of skills, brainstorming and creativity to each client.

Executive Name Email Address
Chairman Demetris M.Zavos zavos@zavos.com
CEO & Managing Director Michalis D.Zavos zavos@zavos.com
Executive Director Yiota Zavou yiota@zavos.com
Head of Property Management/ Director Elina Zavou elina@zavos.com
Head of Legal/ Director Kristie Zavou kristie@zavos.com
Executive Director Tryfonas Nicolaou t_nicolaou@zavos.com
General Manager Michalakis Michael mcmichael@zavos.com
Group Technical Manager Xenis Xenophontos xenis@zavos.com
Group Sales Manager Christos Roussos c.roussos@zavos.com
Department Managers Name Email Address
Internal Auditor & HR Manager Christos Nousiades nousiades@zavos.com
Management & After Sales Services Charalambos Chrysostomou  c.chrysostomou@zavos.com
Marketing, Sales and Enquiries Roulla Tsangaridou  roulla.tsangaridou@zavos.com