On a daily basis, thousands of people are injured in industrial or other types of accidents. In such cases, any direct and effective first aid to the injured, whether he or she is in a working environment or not, can mark the difference between life and death, as well as define his/her life quality for the rest of his/her life.

Based on the above and having as our primary goal the constant and improved training of our personnel, the D. Zavos Group held a seminar recently on the first aid in work, in collaboration with the organisation “Chiron – Safety and Health School.” Chiron is a member of the “Association of First Aiders AoFA UK”, which supports the School in an educational and scientific level.

Our personnel attended a series of seminars on how to preserve the injured in life, minimising the consequences of the injuries or the disease, as well as expediting the recovery of any person suffering from trauma or malady in their working environment until they found full medical treatment.

After concluding the training and the written exams, our company’s personnel have secured the first aid security successfully and is now in a position to handle any probable working accident.