Experiencing design: D. Zavos Group visits Arclinea and B&B Italia HQ in Italy

As part of constant research, education and staying updated with the latest industry innovations, the Head of Design Team of D. Zavos Group, Mrs. Yiota Zavou, was represented at a recent trip to Italy, to experience Arclinea Vicenza and B&B Italia newest products. Arclinea and B&B Italia have established a strategic partnership founded on the complementary nature of their products and on their extraordinary ability to merge design, tradition and innovation through an industrial production approach devoted to excellence.

D. Zavos Group works with brands from A to Z, creating true bespoke experiences in interior design, for a real contemporary and luxurious living. It consistently invests in great design, careful craftsmanship and superior materials. The Group uses premium materials in all its property development projects, creating spaces that are design-focused but highly practical and suitable for everyday use by modern citizens.