It is the fruit of their labor – the intensive hard work and continuous efforts from the giants behind the development have resulted in exceptional success.

The real estate competition that has recently developed in Limassol has not caused anxiety for developers, D. Zavos Group and Leptos Estates. Marketing Manager of Limassol Del Mar, Eleftheria Voskaridou, states that both groups boast a long standing history of decades in the development field. She said, “Collectively, D. Zavos Group and Leptos Estates have 92 consecutive years between them, therefore, competition for them is fair but certainly nothing to worry about. We concentrate on our goals of promoting the apartments of the 27-floor building to the market – which, we believe, will be achieved sooner than expected as we continue our successful course in sales. It is of immense importance that through sales, the project has already secured the sum of money required for its construction making this unique development a prime reward for this great effort.”

Regarding the project’s progress and reasons for success, Mrs. Voskaridou noted that the joint venture between D.Zavos Group and Leptos Estates enjoys lasting, consistent and steady efforts to properly promote, update and place the project on the market.

The preparations for this project started 6 years ago with the teams of both Groups promoting and presenting the project efficiently in both local and international markets, in more than 30 different countries. Having sales offices in almost all part of the world, numerous and highly specialized staff, countless reports from all over the globe, consecutive participations in conventions and meetings with an active role, personal meetings with people in key positions, exclusive agreements and other kinds of activities, are all reasons why we already have all the necessary elements for a successful course.

As one can easily see, the success of the project regarding sales achieved so far, did not come as a surprise for these great and well-established Groups in the Real Estate Market, but certainly was far from simple and easy. At the same time, another factor that has contributed to this success is certainly the selection of people and firms working together on this ambitious project.”

D. Zavos Group has always based its success on its unrivaled experience and knowledgeable associates, who will be happy to provide you with any information or help regarding real estate ventures in Cyprus. For any assistance please use this contact form and we will get back to you.