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Top 5 Home Decorating Ideas for Your Holiday Home

Nature and the great outdoors have always been the ideal inspiration for many artists and designers. So why not bring some of that natural landscape into your own home? Natural style and organic décor doesn’t mean turning your home into a greenhouse. Rather, make use of a plethora of natural materials such as elements of wood, stone, and flora that allow you to bring the textures, scents and visuals of the great outdoors right into your living room.

1) Decorate with Seashells, Pebbles & Driftwood

You’ll be surprised at how many items you can find to use as home décor right outside your front door. As island dwellers, we have an entire coastline at our feet to collect seashells, pebbles, driftwood, and even smoothed pieces of glass to create our own mini coastal landscape indoors. Other natural elements that you can collect from outside include pieces of petrified wood, sliced and sanded tree trunk pieces, dried flowers and leaves, aromatic pinecones, even small pieces of crystal. Use your imagination and keep your eyes open next time you find yourself taking a walk outside.

2)  Industrial, concrete wall Aestheitcs

If you want to keep your natural décor elements as the focal point, keep your walls minimal. Industrial, concrete walls offer a bare, untouched aesthetic, while exposed brick brings texture and colour to any room, complementing without overpowering the design within. You can choose to leave brick in its natural state to create a more powerful statement wall, or paint over it with a muted tone for a more subdued backdrop.

3) Bring your décor to life with Sunlight

Living on an island which boasts almost 365 days of sunshine sure has its advantages, and one of them is how natural sunlight warms up a room more than any paint hue can. In fact, natural light is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most beautiful natural elements you can use to light up your room. Sunlight brings your décor to life, making the colours pop, and breathing new life into every corner of your home. Invest in some light curtains that allow an abundance of light to flow in and watch your décor come to life.

4) Mix and match Greenery & Wood

Natural décor doesn’t mean that every part of your home must be draped in wood or greenery. You can still incorporate natural elements into your décor in smaller doses, mixing and matching materials to create a harmonious combination with which you feel comfortable. For example, the addition of marble in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces can be combined with wood elements for warmth and style. Or if stone elements are more your style, create just one accent wall, which is sometimes even more beautiful and striking than if the entire room was adorned with it.

5) Reduce Waste & Use Recycled Materials & Organic Fabrics

Sustainability is number one on everyone’s minds right now, and so is reducing waste by reusing and repurposing materials. The same can apply for home décor. That bouquet of fresh, aromatic flowers can be pressed between the pages of a book or hung in a dark cupboard to dry, and used once more as fragrant potpourri. Choose products made from recycled materials and organic fabrics, and scour thrift stores and garage sales for some great antique finds and give them a whole new lease on life. The possibilities are endless!

It is no surprise that the natural touch in home décor is one of this year’s top design trends, and for good reason. By incorporating these natural elements into your home, you are creating your own eco-friendly, harmonious space that will offer you a sense of serenity and peace that is usually associated with the calming effects of Mother Nature herself.

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