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Top 5 Tips for decorating your holiday home

Holiday homes hold a special place in the hearts of many people. While it might not be the home you live in day in and day out, it is still a haven that represents relaxation, fun, and, most importantly, quality time with family. It is therefore important that this home is just as thoughtfully decorated as your permanent residence, to ensure that it makes your getaway as memorable as possible.

Here are 5 tips and tricks on giving your holiday home that ultimate ‘vacation vibe:’

  1. Let your surroundings inspire you

Cyprus is the ultimate vacation spot, with almost 365 days of sunshine and endless golden coastlines, surrounded by the azure blue of the Mediterranean. What better inspiration for a holiday home than that? Take a walk along the beach and absorb the colours, textures and general feel of your environment and incorporate the elements you love into your décor. Think pale hues of white, beige and blue, with elements inspired by the beauty of the beach.

  1. Remember why you’re on vacation

The number one reason people go on vacation is to relax and recharge, so your holiday home needs to create the ideal setting in which to do so. This means creating a calming atmosphere, free from clutter. Choose a calming colour palette that is soothing to the eye, and keep electronics, gadgets and all unnecessary items at a minimum. After all, all you need on holiday are the bare essentials.

  1. Play with the light

It has been proven that sunlight is a natural mood booster which also contributes to healthy sleeping patterns, making it an even more important element to factor into your holiday home. Cyprus boasts an abundance of natural light, so make sure you let it stream in through the windows at every opportunity. Go for gauzy window dressings that don’t block it out entirely and also look cheerful wafting in the breeze. In the evening, use a variety of soft lighting – table lamps, floor lamps, spotlights and pendants – to create a calm, tranquil atmosphere.

  1. Consider the climate

Holiday homes in hot climates such as Cyprus call for a different style of interior than homes in colder locations. Keep colours cool and neutral to avoid stuffiness, and add pops of personality with bright touches such as pillows, throws and accessories in playful tones. Keep carpeting to a minimum, and opt instead for wood or marble floors with a throw rug here and there, perfect for keeping bare feet cool during those summer months.

  1. Give yourself a cleaning break

Nobody wants to worry about spills or stains when they are on vacation, so make sure you select furniture that is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Light coloured sofas and carpets may look great in your permanent home, but they can easily become dirty or damaged. So look for furnishings that can withstand daily wear and tear, including sticky ice cream hands and wet bathing suits, and won’t make your life difficult next time you come in from the beach trekking a little bit of sand and salt water with you.

Zavos Interior Design Services are offered to all our clients on a complimentary basis. Whether you want to create your own dream getaway space, or are looking to style a perfect holiday home to rent out, we will work with you to ensure the atmosphere you create is top notch.

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