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This charming part of the Mediterranean is a nice bouquet of fascinating sightsseeings, attractions and activities for tourists and locals alike. Following, we have selected at least 9 of them – our favourites in the region.

  1. Fasouri Watermania

The Fasouri Watermania is ideal for water sports enthusiasts that love playing in and out of the pool. With uncompromising devotion to safety and joy and an exotic Polynesian décor, the water-park offers an array of pools and rides, for all ages and whims.

  1. Kolossi Castle

Kolossi Castle was once a might fort dominating the area around the homonymous region in Limassol, whose primary function was the storage and protection of the crops. The castle, now a sad remnant of ages long gone, bears testimony of the dangers medieval farmers faced from pirates and invaders.

  1. Limassol Zoo

Limassol Zoo is actually a combination of a zoo and an educational institute, with its main interest revolving around studying and tending the needs of the enclosed animals, as well as making sure their population keeps growing. The zoo is home to pygmy hippos, meerkats, an array of birds, otters and many more animals.

  1. Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina is Cyprus’ emblem of luxury and opulence and by far the most cosmopolitan hub for sea lovers, sailing enthusiasts and waterfront relaxation. Offering an array of stunning sea views, shopping opportunities, cruises, and tasting local and international delicacies, it is also known for its exclusive beaches and water-sports, including water-skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing and fishing.

  1. Limassol Castle

This spectacular edifice first emerges out of the mist of history in the early 13th century, in the time of Crusaders, Saracens and the Byzantine Empire. Aside from its haunting chambers and corridors, the castle still has almost intact a large basement that was recently widely refurbished and decorated, breathing an even more vibrant aura of the age that brought it into existence.

  1. Kourion

Kourion (meaning, the “House of the Youngsters”) takes visitors back to antiquity when Cyprus was the cradle of Aphrodite’s worship and eastern Mediterranean’s most important trade hub. Its wealth of sophisticated mosaics and priceless statues bears witness on its cultural importance.

  1. Omodos

Omodos is a village famed for its archetypal appeal, stemming out of the Cypriot culture. Tranquil and hospitable, it is the perfect spot for relaxation and deep rest.

  1. Cyprus Fly Adventures

Would you like to explore the beauties of the island from high above? Cyprus Fly Adventures offers the brave one with a chance of marvelling at the Cypriot mainland and coastal landscape while paragliding. Even if you have no prior experience of this fascinating activity, experienced tutors will provide you with everything you may need.

  1. Sayious Adventure Park

Last, we close our selections with the Sayious Adventure Park, which organises private adventure tours for people of any physical strength and age, as well as venues for special events and celebrations. Off-road buggies, paint-balling, archery, rock-climbing, and go-karting are just some of your options since the Park also offers special areas for picnics and barbecues without any charge.

In Limassol life finds its essence. Wish to learn more about the place? Contact us for further information.

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