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Why you Should Live in Limassol

The City of Limassol

The decision to live and work in Limassol is often described by many as a brave decision: brave because by deciding to choose Limassol as your next family or career home, you are bound to fall in love with the city, possibly putting a permanent end to your previous quest for a new location to conduct business and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Limassol is, indeed, a city with a vibrant personality, often appearing just like a city out of the pages of a perfect magazine or the set of a great movie. Fast-evolving but with its traditional charm, local in expertise and experience but outstandingly global in its outlook and reach, Limassol offers the perfect environment for easy living enjoyed by cosmopolitan citizens.


Business Capital of Cyprus

Cyprus’s unofficial business capital, Limassol, concentrates the bulk of international companies, operating in diverse industries such as energy, shipping, services, property development and construction, tourism and entrepreneurship. A hub of creativity, the city is also host to an equally diverse crowd, with professionals arriving from all over the world, to work and live in a city which promises excitement, professional thrills  and domestic bliss.

Adding to its popularity as a settlement destination, Limassol is also home to international and regional branches of global giants. With the steady economic growth of the last years, and the upscale of Cyprus by international credit rating agencies, Cyprus has experienced unprecedented economic growth over the last few years. This is reflected in the constant development of trademark real estate projects, a trend set to continue mainly because of growing demands from global regulators that companies need have substance in the country where they are registered. Limassol's landmark real estate is ideal for investors who wish to set shop.

Coupled with the general advantages Cyprus has to offer such as an access to European markets, an excellent regulatory system, an attractive and transparent tax regime, strong business support services, access to talent and high quality of life.

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