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The BUY-TO-LET properties are exclusively for investment. Investors who purchase any of our select BUY-TO-LET properties will enjoy a multitude of benefits, an income, and flexible terms of payment

D. Zavos Group offers investors the opportunity to build their property portfolio iDiscover Moren prime locations across Limassol.

Build your property portfolio by choosing from our collection of BUY-TO-LET projects, all in prime locations across the coastal city of Limassol.


30% upon
signing of the contract

70% in 4 instalments
in accordance with the
progress of the development.

- A buy-to-let property is one which is purchased with the sole purpose of producing a rental return and steady income for investors.

- Such properties can steadily grow in value as well, producing significant capital gains to investors when sold at a later date.

Each of our exclusive buy-to-let properties are designed to deliver up to 8% yield to investors.

When purchasing property with the intention of renting, property owners become landlords whose property is rented out to tenants that pay a monthly rent. This rent should cover the property owner’s mortgage (where applicable), with a substantial profit remaining.

Owning a rental property is a great way to generate income and build long term wealth. Whether you continue to rent or decide to sell further down the line, properties provide a solid return on investment. Here are some reasons why:

1.  Property has always been a relatively safe long-term investment.
Though property prices may rise and fall over the years, the long-term value of your property will have an upward trend. This makes it a great way to receive a profit when you decide to sell it.

2.  You can generate high recurring income.
Whether or not you decide to sell your property, the rent paid by your tenants will not only cover your mortgage and costs but will also provide you with extra income each month.

3.  Demand for rental properties is extremely high.
For many young professionals and new families seeking to relocate to Limassol, renting is a popular option. As such, the rental market in Limassol is currently very strong, so you should be able to rent out your property relatively quickly and at a high return.

Enjoy an EASY new start in your own home, just the way you dreamed it. Modern and flexible real estate purchase plans.

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