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DIY Christmas Holiday Decorating Tips & Tricks

The holidays are almost upon us, and this means it’s time to dust off the ornaments and deck the halls! We’ve rounded up some tips for you, whether you’re in the mood for a little DIY, want to opt for a more elegant décor, or are looking for a child-friendly way to make Christmas even more magical for your little ones.

DIY Holiday Home Décor

The sky’s the limit when it comes to making your own beautifully unique holiday landscape.

Use what you have at home

Spray paint glass jars and use them to hold twinkly tea lights. String up old Christmas cards for a sentimental garland. Tie up cinnamon sticks with colorful ribbon for deliciously-smelling tree ornaments. Fashion a wreath from whatever leftover materials you have – felt, ribbons and twigs, even seasonal citrus fruits for a pop of unexpected color.

Make use of greenery

Forage the outdoors for bits of wood, branches, and pine cones and use them to create centerpieces, adorn your wrapped gifts with leaves in lieu of name tags, or use white spray paint on pine cones to create a snowy effect.

Mix and match.

The beauty of DIY home décor is that anything goes. Do you have a bunch of colorful baubles left over from your tree? Pile them into a decorative bowl or cake stand for a unique centerpiece.

Elegant Holiday Home Décor

If your home has more of a pearls and heels vibe, then make sure your holiday décor matches those levels of elegance.

Stick to a color theme

A single color scheme looks and feels much more sophisticated than a haphazard color explosion. Aim for a neutral color such as white or silver, and accentuate it with pops of gold, red, or green for effortless chic. Even gifts under the tree can contribute to your décor when beautifully wrapped in color coordinated paper.

Keep it simple

Less truly is more when it comes to creating an elegant holiday décor scheme. Let the greenery of your tree be the main focal point, and add simple, beautiful ornaments that highlight rather than overpower it.

Host a stylish dinner

Nothing says elegance like a richly laid out holiday table. Dig out your finest china and linen napkins, and decorate your table with lush garlands and softly flickering candles.

Child-friendly Holiday Home Décor

Christmas is every child’s favorite holiday, so why not make the decorating process just as fun for them as ripping open presents on the big day?

Get the kids involved.

Make pom-poms out of colorful yarn, cookie cutter holiday figures out of salt dough, or snowy landscapes with cotton wool. This will keep their little hands busy and you can watch them beam with pride as their ornaments take center stage.

Safety first

Many traditional holiday decorations can be a hazard to small children, so put glass decorations and lit candles far away from curious minds and grabby hands. Keep fragile ornaments near the top of the tree, and let the kids use the bottom half to decorate in their own unique way.

Think soft

It’s inevitable that a child will go through each and every decorative item with attention and curiosity, so opt for items like stuffed Santas, Christmas-themed pillows and throws, stuffed animals, or cookie tins filled with delicious goodies.


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