Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus

Time schedule for issuing an Immigration Permit:

It should be stressed that, provided the criteria of this policy are satisfied and there are no reasons with regard to either the criminal record of the applicant or to public order and public security issues, the application shall be examined by the Minister of Interior in a positive manner and an Immigration Permit shall be issued. It is estimated that the procedure described in this policy statement for the examination of the application shall not exceed two (2) months from the date of the submission of a complete application.

The following forms are available electronically in the official website of the Civil Registry and Migration Department
  • Application form (MIP1)
  • Checklist of the documents submitted with the application
  • Checklist of the documents submitted with the application for adult children
  • Checklist of the documents submitted with the application for applicant’s parents
  • Affidavit or Official Statement as to the annual income of the applicant, with other supporting evidence
  • Official declaration as to the confirmation of non-employment of the applicant and his spouse in Cyprus None of the above affects the absolute discretion of the Cabinet of Ministers on taking a decision.

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